Winner of Tesco’s best own brand packaging award, the yoo yoghurt range was launched in March 2011. Produced by our client Nom Dairy for Tesco's own brand yoghurt, it was designed to compete with the yoghurt giants for Tesco. The Value Engineers conceived the brand name and yoo logo as well as the British flag device. Under the direction of TVE, I was then briefed to continue the development of this lighthearted packaging design.

The concepts were so well received that Nom requested that I supply print ready artwork for the flavour and packaging variants for the whole range, including photography, retouching and brand guidelines.

The retouching was a huge task in itself, all of the pack photography was made up from library images of fruit and biscuits as well as some of our own photography, it was then pieced together with retouched and scratch illustrated yoghurt textures resulting in the exciting fluid shapes on the packs.

The initial brief was for 48 artworks including pots, sleeves and shelf trays, with subsequent drinking yoghurts, breakfast yogurts and snack tubes variants being rolled out at a later date.

Sadly the yoo brand was ultimately bought out and discontinued by Muller to preserve their market share.